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[AUDCST045] Zanex Dissociation - Distance of Self EP

Description -

They say that music expresses the emotions and feelings that words themselves cannot express. This is the ideology that fuels the music project that is now known as 'Zanex Dissociation'. In the summer of '08, a man was mesmerized by the pounding beats and funky grooves of both old and new school electronica. He then took those influences and used them to create a song that blew his mind. It proved that he could use the power of music as a ticket to draw people in to the audio roller coaster of their life. He then started creating new material on a daily basis, as well as collaborating with many artists; some well-known and some not. Two years and many songs later, he is still at the top of the underground electronica game.

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-Zanex Dissociation


Track list -

01 - Because Of You (2:28)
02 - Noise (2:17)
03 - Insanity 3:28)
04 - The Trip (2:24)
05 - Dungeons 3:29)
06 - Illusion and Reality (3:10)

[Artwork by Zanex Dissociation]


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License -

Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported


Reviewer: Zanex Dissociation - - April 27, 2012
Subject: hell yeah
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